Being relevant, being considerate about the environment and about those around them is what makes Shingora tick. It is not an overnight success story but one of perseverance over years, and everyone involved with the company is dedicated to keep this growth going. Innovation, experimentation and embracing change are a big part of this legendary tale. Among its clients, it counts renowned brands like Armani, Kenzo, Polo Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith. It is well known and received as brand 'Shingora' in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Japan, and is exploring newer shores everyday.

Nurturing the environment and making sure development only enhances their surroundings means a lot at Shingora. They focus on minimising untreated waste and treat all the water that the facility releases which is then used to irrigate plants.

From customers to workers to the less privileged, they care deeply about everyone. They assure you of one of the best customer care experiences around and make the association with their brand as pleasurable as possible. An initiative to educate the girl child has been undertaken by them. To make the most of government initiatives and bring their benefit to its employees, Shingora has taken a digital leap by ensuring Jan Dhan accounts for all its employees. It enjoys a wonderful rapport with both the media and the government as it acts as a good resource within the industry that is always approachable.

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