Kinjal: Azure Mix Tint Abstract Printed Cotton Silk Dupatta


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Grey Silk Blend Dobby Dupatta


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Black Silk Blend Dobby Dupatta


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Peach Dobby Woven Zari Dupatta


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Sky Blue Silk Tencel Dupatta


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Dark Rusk Silk Tencel Dupatta


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Versatile accessories are often preferred for they can be worn with most outfits. One of the core reasons to use accessories is to elevate a look but many also wear them as an expression of their style or simply to feel comfortable. 

A dupatta, for example, is one of those accessories. Originally identified as a modest piece of garment for women, the dupatta is now more than what it used to be. It can be styled artistically as a cover or a drape to create all those elegant looks you’ve always wanted, i.e. mix and match.

When you have ample options in varied designs, colors and materials, mixing and matching dupattas with outfits is no less than fun.          

At Shingora, we create an array of designer dupattas for different occasions. We don’t just create dupatta for women. Our dupattas can be worn by anyone, irrespective of their gender. Our collection of dupattas is meticulously crafted using fine materials in weaves & colors that will steal your heart. Take a look. 

Types of Designer Dupattas at Shingora:

  • Kota Doria Dupattas – These woven dupattas are lightweight. Their characteristic woven squares that are also called ‘khat’ give just the right pattern & texture that makes these dupattas a preferred option for daytime wear.
  • Chanderi Dupattas – Our Chanderi dupattas are made by weaving the highest quality cotton & silk fibers, which give them their subtle sheen and sheer.
  • Dobby Dupattas – Dobby dupattas have a unique geometric dobby weave that adds an extra texture while keeping them lightweight. All our Dobby dupattas are Handloom Certified. The certification is an assurance that you get genuine products.   
  • Jacquard Dupattas – Jacquard dupattas are our specialty. You’ll find a combination of traditional and modern designs that we have been reinventing over decades. These are made using superior quality fibers so you get comfort & style together. 
  • Plain Dupattas – The range of plain dupattas we have created come in the finest quality of materials available and also in vibrant as well as subtle colors to suit your requirement. 
  • Embroidered Dupattas– Our Embroidered dupattas are apt for traditional & fusion wear. You’ll find a variety of these dupattas from heavy, intricately embroidered to simple, artfully embroidered yet classy dupattas. You’ll also get a good collection of beautiful hand-embroidered dupattas on our website that are meticulously created by our talented artisans. 
  • Printed Dupattas – We design our printed dupattas bearing the current fashion in mind. So, at any given time, you’ll find an array of colorful & subtle printed dupattas, made using digital and screen printing techniques, that can be teamed up with all your outfits.

Materials We Use to Make Our Dupattas

  • Pure Cotton – Our collection of cotton dupattas is created using 100% pure cotton, which keeps the accessory soft, lightweight, and airy.  
  • Pure Silk – Our pure silk dupattas are Silk Mark certified and are popular for their soft texture and sheen. 
  • Cotton Silk – Cotton Silk dupattas are perfect for their classic subtle sheen that is often preferred for daytime apparel.  
  • Cotton Tencel – Our Cotton Tencel dupattas are a great alternative to pure cotton dupattas as they are soft, lightweight, and airy too.  
  • Silk Tencel – The Silk Tencel dupattas have a luster that makes them a good option for when you want to dress up. These too are lightweight & versatile.  
  • Tencel - We only use premium quality tencel for all our tencel dupattas. They are comfortable, soft, absorptive, and breathable, and can be a durable alternative to pure cotton dupattas.
  • Recycled Polyester Cotton Our dupattas made from recycled polyester cotton is our step towards a cleaner, healthier & safer planet. This fabric has all the qualities of virgin polyester but is more energy efficient. We make our recycled polyester cotton dupattas to ensure you get soft, comfortable & resilient dupattas that can be used without a worry.   
  • Silk Metallic –Silk Metallic or Organza is a beautiful blend of silk & metallic fibres. Our Silk Metallic dupattas have a stunning satin sheen and a smooth texture that is perfect for weddings & parties.  
  • Zari Silk & Cotton –Our Zari Silk & Cotton Dupattas are perfect to add a touch of royalty to any plain outfit. These, as the name suggests, are pure cotton dupattas adorned with traditional, intricate Zari work in pure silk, which adds some weight & ample elegance to an otherwise light & simple dupatta. 

How to Style a Designer Dupatta

As mentioned earlier, the dupatta is more than what it used to be. Fashion has evolved over centuries & so has the use of the dupatta. Use these tips to create a fabulous look with our range of colorful designer dupattas.

Dupatta With Jeans – This one is a great option for fusion wear. Pleat the dupatta lengthwise & put it over your left shoulder like a saree pallu, leaving enough of the dupatta in the front. Now, tuck a corner of the fabric at the front to create a cowl around the knees. 

Dupatta on One Shoulder With Belt –Wear the dupatta (pleated or scrunched) on one shoulder & wear a belt, securing the dupatta at the waist. This style looks fabulous with ethnic & western wear if teamed properly.

Dupatta With Saree – Wear your saree as you do and simply lay the dupatta (that goes well with your saree) on the other shoulder. Pin it at the shoulder if needed. This is a great styling option for a super-dramatic look.

Dupatta With Lehengas -No lehenga look is complete without a dupatta. Try printed or embroidered dupattas with solid-colored lehengas. If the lehenga is heavily printed or embroidered, go for a plain dupatta. Also, choose dupattas in fabrics that compliment your lehengas. Try some classic drapes too, such as the one-shoulder drape or the siddha pallu drape with the dupatta draped diagonally in the front to add elegance to your look.

Buy Dupatta Online

When you want to buy a dupatta, keep these things in mind – 

  • Buy dupatta based on your requirement. 
  • Buy a couple of options that go with each garment to create different looks, i.e., choose dupattas in fabrics & patterns that are versatile.
  • Have enough timeless dupattas; they never go out of fashion. 
  • When you set out to buy a designer dupatta online, check for their certifications too wherever applicable.   


  • What are dupattas made of?
  • Dupattas are made of pure and blended fibres, such as pure cotton, cotton silk, polyester, silk metallic, cotton tencel, etc.  The texture, fall & appearance of dupattas is governed by the material composition used to create them, which we have already discussed above. 

  • Which garments can I wear the dupatta with?

  • Traditionally, dupattas are paired with Salwar Kameez or Salwar Suits, Ghagra Choli, Lehengas, etc. They look super cool when mixed & matched with Kurta Legging or Kurta Churidar, Skirts, Palazzo Pants & even Sarees. Basically, they can be mixed & matched with every possible garment to create unique looks for every occasion. 

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