Spread over a vast 20,000 square metres, with a staff of over 900, Shingora knows strength lies in number, where each number is a contributing member towards a bustling whole. Located in the industrial hub of north India, there are many parameters that come together to put the spotlight on Shingora. The ample space for weaving of fashion wear, decorative fabrics and home accessories is carried out is appropriately equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate each step.

The production capacity on 20 Shuttle-less Rapier Looms (SULZER; DORNIER) with Electronic Jacquards (BONAS; up to 6144 hook) is about 2500 metres per day. The installed capacity of 12 Shuttle Less Rapier Looms with Electronic Dobbies (SULZER; up to 20 shafts) is about 2000 meters and that of the 18 Mechanical Shuttle Looms installed with Mechanical Dobbies (up to 24 shafts is about 1000 meters per day. The 45 handlooms can deliver 250 meters per day. The 300 meters of heated printing tables (gali) can produce 1500 meters per day.

There is specialised and high tech machinery for packaging and fabric dyeing which is carried out in-house on - SSM WINDERS; LORIS BELLINI CONE DYEING MACHINES; BRAZOLLI FABRIC DYEING MACHINE. For the in-house finishing facility the highly sophisticated ARIOLI PRINT WASHER; ARIOLI STEAMER: AIRO WASHING & DRYING MACHINE are used. SAP enterprise resource planning solutions keep the operations integrated and streamlined. All of the dyeing, finishing, stitching, weaving, cutting, labelling, packaging, dry-cleaning and washing is carried out in-house while spinning is completely outsourced.

Shingora has complete facility to carry out various techniques for scarves, shawls, wraps, shrugs, throws, cushions, linen and fabrics. The fabrics used to craft various articles include pure new wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, viscose, modal and blends or two or more of the above. The products are crafted using jacquard, dobby, hand floats, machine embroidery, printing, etc.

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