Pretty Things

Not every floral story needs to be romantic. For this collection, we wanted confidence and glamour. Flowers yes, but shine and bling too.

It is often considered frivolous to indulge in the pleasure of material things. In desire that goes beyond spiritual needs. Surely true richness can only be found in pure goodness of soul, but there is no shame in the rewarding feeling of owning a beautiful object.

At Shingora, we consider our products as precious collectibles crafted with skill, passion and love. We want them to give you joy and make you feel pretty. Hence why we packed this collection with flowers, garlands, twirls, lace, bows - all things girly. Lush floral ornaments woven with gold and silver create shining gardens to wear all winter long. Bright Barbie pink paired with Cinderella midnight blue. Deep emerald tones with rich caramel hues.

Bold, confident yet classy and feminine. When your outfit is doing the talking, there is no need to “shout”.

Let’s dress up and enjoy the party!

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