04 Feb

How to Rock Neutrals Together in 5 Simple Ways

5 Simple Ways to rock neutrals together by shingora

Colors are a big consideration when it comes to buying and coordinating everything from garments to accessories. Wearing varied tones and hues comes to us with practice and experience. But one palette that confounds most of us is an all neutral colour scheme. While we ably pair neutrals with bright tones and even with neons, […]

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29 Dec

Style Resolutions for 2016, the Shingora Way

Style Resolution 2016, the shingora way

Shingora brings to you a style resolution list that should sort your trend quotient for 2016, one resolution to imbibe each month. If you make one resolution, it should come off this list. Read on to find yours – Clean up your look even for a trip ‘just’ to the local store – Stepping out […]

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17 Nov

Prepping for Winters – 5 Scarfs for the Winter Season

shingora winter Scarves

With winters approaching fast, it is time to give your winter wardrobe a thought. Tuck away your summer best and make space for a few favourites from last year and for a few fresh pieces that are in this season. As you go about shopping for new stoles and shawls for the season, it is […]

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14 Nov

Weaving Folklore with Shawls & Silk Stories from around the world

shingora winter shawls 2015

Folktales are yarns spun over the ages with new threads added every now and then. Shawls have been such a part of cultures around the world that they feature in folklore by one name or the other. They embrace silken threads of life and weave them into exquisite wraps. Here are a few tales from […]

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14 Mar

10 Things Every Woman Must Own

10 things every woman must own

Whether you are a diva or the girl-next-door, certain things are a must for even the most basic wardrobe. Here is a lowdown- 1. A basic white shirt – Don’t underestimate the power of a crisp white shirt. Team it with jeans, pants or with a pencil skirt, it gives you a different look every […]

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13 Feb

Celebrate Valentines Day with a Statement of Love


Love is in the air and it is that time of the year again when professing your love in the mushiest manner is not deemed cloying. It is the time when you can unabashedly pursue the one you love, declare your love or reaffirm it after years of togetherness. It calls for a thoughtful gift […]

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