05 Oct

Festival Month and the launch of ‘Lady in Red’ collection AW’16

Shingora Luxury Lady Red AW16 Collection

Festivals are a time of untold joy and happiness when celebrations rule. There is a celebratory vibe in the air and everything that you do during this season gets tinged with indulgences. Be it richness of colours, glitter and glamor or attire, everything defines the festive spirit, you can feel a makeover happening all around […]

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04 May

Scarfs and Shawls – Ace the Indian Wrap with a Global Makeover

Scarfs and Shawls - Ace the Indian Wrap with a Global Makeover

India has been an inspiration for artists around the world for it offers a vibrant range of experiences right form the flora, fauna, people and culture to the rich heritage, weaves, arts and literature. Kashmir has been an important hub where shawls evolved from wraps to an art form. The finesse of weave, the intricacy […]

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08 Jan

Shingora Moving Ahead, Now at Select Citywalk

Shingora pop up store moving

Shingora’s much loved Pop Up Store at DLF Promenade is moving to a more premium location at Select Citywalk, District Centre, New Delhi on 9 January, 2016. The Pop-Up Store has been talked about and has drawn a lot of interest for its eclectic and high quality array of scarfs, along with an interesting trunk […]

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09 Dec

Best Christmas Gifts for Those You Care About

xmas gifts 2015 from shingora

Have you wondered if your Christmas gift will be as loved as you want it to? Buy clothes and you risk getting the wrong size or even not being in tune with the recipients’ taste. Buy eatable goodies and they run out pretty soon and won’t be something they will cherish for a long time. […]

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14 Nov

Weaving Folklore with Shawls & Silk Stories from around the world

shingora winter shawls 2015

Folktales are yarns spun over the ages with new threads added every now and then. Shawls have been such a part of cultures around the world that they feature in folklore by one name or the other. They embrace silken threads of life and weave them into exquisite wraps. Here are a few tales from […]

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06 Oct

Dressing up for Navratri Festival – A Quick Guide

Shingora navratri collection 2015

Festivals are a time to bring out the best in your wardrobe and dress up. It is that time of the year when you don’t have to worry about dressing up over the top. Pair bright colours with your most stunning pieces of accessories and be a demigoddess. It is a wonderful way of wearing […]

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03 Aug

Fix your figure woes with a Scarf

shingora stoles 2015

A Scarf really can save the day! Whatever issues you may have with your figure; a paunch, bulky arms, a heavy bottom or a less than curvy body, a scarf sure comes handy. The first thing to have on hand is a versatile collection of scarfs in varied colours, patterns and sizes. Visit to our […]

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10 Mar

Winter’s Perfect Companion – The Shawl


Nothing beats the winter chill like a stylish shawl. A fashion staple, it has become a must for every one from celebrities to the girl next door. The simplicity of the garment and its easy versatility make it very coveted. The basic shawl can be draped in a variety of styles, each making a different […]

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13 Feb

Celebrate Valentines Day with a Statement of Love


Love is in the air and it is that time of the year again when professing your love in the mushiest manner is not deemed cloying. It is the time when you can unabashedly pursue the one you love, declare your love or reaffirm it after years of togetherness. It calls for a thoughtful gift […]

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24 Dec

Starting Afresh- Small steps to a Stylish You

A new year brings new hopes, new beginnings and a host of new resolutions. Big changes take time and may not be feasible while small steps are doable. Aiming for small resolutions that will not let you down and will help you in many small ways, come together to form a substantial change. Whether it […]

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16 Oct

Vacationing Like a Diva – Scarves to Tote Along


Vacations are a blessing and as much as we look forward to unwinding, we look forward to dressing up in our best holiday gear. Whether it is a beach holiday, a mountain getaway or a desert safari, our luggage holds ample treasures to help us look our best not just while vacationing but also in […]

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