Monthly Archives: May 2019

27 May

Quirky styles for your kids!


Gone are the days when the fashion world was ruled by the women, today even men and kids are not behind. Looking stylish and gorgeous has become essential for everyone and no one prefers to step-out without looking their best. Every parent wants their child to look smart and dapper irrespective of the season and […]

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11 May

Mother’s Day Special Offer by Shingora

mothers day offer 2019

Mother, the most precious gift given to mankind by God, is not just a human relation but it is a word that evokes unconditional love. It’s really hard to imagine a life without mothers and one’s world is not the same without them. For children their world revolves around their mother especially in their growing […]

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07 May

Wear a Tie Stylishly to Command Respect and Power

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Ties have always symbolized honor, nobility, professionalism and men since ages have included this accessory in their formals to ace style and decency. It helps create an aura of command around them. Despite being small, a tie is one of the most essential components of a man’s office ensemble. Wearing ties, men complete their appearance, […]

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03 May

Fabrics – They make or break your outfit!

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Fabric is everything when it comes to dressing, the way it falls and drapes around your body makes all the difference. No matter how beautifully designed a dress is or how well-crafted it may be, a dress made from a pilling or low-quality fabric is never a good addition to a wardrobe. It is the […]

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