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21 Apr

A Cultural Icon Reinterpreted – Safari Peacock by Shingora

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As the national bird of India, the peacock is a much revered bird that has been celebrated as a cultural icon over ages. Even before it became the national bird, it has garnered its fair share of fame by being a traditional motif that reverberates across mediums. From heritage building to grandmas sarees to heirloom […]

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20 Apr

Leopard Swan – The Fiercely Gentle Shingora Scarf

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Travel has inspired literature, cinema, art and much more. It has also inspired Shingora as can be seen in its Luxury Collection ‘Safari Pop’. More people are embracing travel as a way of life and going to places not as tourists but as explorers. They have insatiable appetites to know more about the places they […]

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18 Apr

Leopard Lollipop


Shingora is synonymous with luxury and each piece crafted here resonates that opulence that it is renowned for. The Safari Pop collection is another rich and extravagant collection that represents this ethos. Inspired by travel, the collection is a medley of memories, more than souvenirs, collected on trips to Africa and beyond. For the woman […]

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16 Apr

Safari Ram – Shingora Pop styled Logo meets Safari


A logo is a proud identity and Shingora holds its Ram logo close to its heart. Every year the luxury collection features a scarf with an enlarged Ram logo. With this year’s Safari Pop story spinning a yarn revolving around travel inspired themes with pop tones, Safari Ram is the perfect addition to the collection. […]

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