Monthly Archives: March 2018

20 Mar

Travel Inspired Luxury Scarves – Safari Pop


The Safari Pop collection is a luxurious annual collection by Shingora with the independent woman as its muse. Centered around her love for travel as an integral part of her routine, the collection celebrates the gentle rebel in her. Her innate curiosity nurtures her love for interacting with new cultures. True tribal spirit brings her […]

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14 Mar

Dupatta by Shingora: We are excited, you should be too!


A dupatta, or odhani, is an integral part of many Indian outfits and is so versatile that it easily goes from being a humble accessory to the star of a look. Sometimes you hunt high and low for just the right one. But it is surely one piece of clothing that can be the defining […]

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07 Mar

Women Power Powers Shingora


Women; the core of human existence, its very essence and sustenance. Not just figuratively, life literally isn’t possible without women. It is no coincidence that some of our most revered deities are women. Any space that gets the touch of a well meaning woman is blessed with bounty. We bows to such immense power, a […]

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