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31 Dec

Which are the Perfect Travel Scarfs for New Year? Insider Tips from Shingora

shingora stoles for women

Travel light and you travel smart. This new year, when you travel, carry the least amount of stuff to make sure that it doesn’t weigh you down or slow you down. For that you need to cut back on what you pack into your suitcases when you travel. But when you leave back certain garments […]

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31 Dec

Kid’s Play with Shingora in Child magazine, Jan-Feb ’17

disney by shingora in child magazine

Dress up your munchkins in trendy Disney inspired style that is cozy enough for winters and stylish for everyday and special occasions too. By featuring in Child magazine, the go-to place to know what’s hot and happening in the world of kids, Shingora proves yet again that it truly is the essential style accessory for […]

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21 Dec

Wear the Infinity Scarf with Style this Winter, with Shingora

wear a infinity men scarf

Everlasting style is one which lasts for ever and an infinity scarf literally translates to a scarf that goes on forever. The drape is such that there is no definitive edge and the scarf is but an endless loop. While you get ready-to-wear infinity scarfs in the market, they will restrict your choice to those […]

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16 Dec

Embellished Shawls – The Latest Trend for Parties

Embellished Shingora Shawls

Every year the same seasons come and go, what makes them different and stand out is the memories attached to them. Leaf through an old picture book or scroll through your old memories in their digital format, and what stands out over the years, beyond the emotional value, is the fashion that was prevalent at […]

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15 Dec

How to Wear a Scarf around you Neck?

how to wrap a scarf

Wearing a scarf is a fun activity that needs not practice but a bit of imagination. You visualise the look you want to create and drape accordingly. A carelessly thrown scarf reflects effortless cool and a neatly pleated and knotted scarf makes your look more refined. Though there are no rules as to how you […]

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14 Dec

Shingora rubs shoulders with celebs in ET Panache today!

Shingora featured in The Economic Times ET Panache

The quintessential accessory for both men and women with discerning taste, Shingora scarfs have the fashion scene wrapped around its tassels. Its most recent appearance on the pages of ET Panache today, i.e. 15 December, 2016, has once again shown that it is ready to share the limelight with men of style and substance, none […]

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