Monthly Archives: November 2016

30 Nov

Home Decor – How to Make the Most of Designer Cushions

cushion covers by Shingora Home

A home is just a house without the little personal touches that make it your haven. We may get to design our own homes or in the age of mass production, we may get a ready apartment or house that we move into. So, how do you define your personal space in a way that […]

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28 Nov

Tell Your Scarf Apart from a Muffler in 2 Easy Ways

Shingora men mufflers and women scarves

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. There was a time when muffler and scarf were easily used interchangeably but over time and with the introduction of car mufflers, the ones that silenced the sound of the engines, the term became less associated with the neck accessory. Over time, the word muffler […]

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18 Nov

How to Fold a Pocket Square? Find out with the experts at Shingora!

shingora men pocket squares 2016

Pocket squares for men are a passion for those who value them and understand the way they can help an outfit, enhancing your personality. But wearing them right is an acquired art and takes a bit of flair. It is but a small piece of cloth, the way it peeks out from the breast pocket […]

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18 Nov

Dressing the Dapper Men, Shingora showcased in Forbes India, December 2016

Shingora appeared in the Dec 2016 issue of Forbes India

For all the men out there who dress to impress and love to look their best always, Shingora’s trendy collection of scarves, stoles and pocket squares is the fail-safe solution. Shingora’s presence in the December 2016 issue of Forbes India is a reaffirmation of its status as a much coveted brand to complete a look. […]

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15 Nov

Shingora heads for applause in November 2016 issue of L’Officiel

shingora scarves in L’Officiel nov issue

The effervescence of Shingora’s freshest scarfs and stoles has taken the L’Officiel fashion pages by storm. The unique patterns and refreshing colours come together in this opulent shoot as head gear. Whether it is the scarf used a twisty on the hair or a head band, each lends enormously to the fashion quotient of each […]

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12 Nov

Exciting the Kid within – Disney Children Collection by Shingora

disney by shingora kids scarf collection

Who among us is immune to the charms of Minnie, Mickey, Disney princesses and a host of other characters that populate a child’s fantasy world. Shingora brings to you vivacious Disney scarves that are full of colours, characters and endless fun. From dots, stripes and motifs to text placed strategically to add an element of […]

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