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30 May

5 Must have Scarves for Every Man

5 Must have Shingora Scarfs for Every Man

Why should women have all the fun! Men deserve the good things that help them look their best as much as women and a scarf is truly one such accessory. It is a fun add on that lets you enjoy dressing up. The only ground rule when buying a scarf is to buy the very […]

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17 May

Headed to the Hills this Summer? Pack with scarf tips from Shingora

scarf tips from Shingora

Summers are the time when you look forward to your vacation to the hills to escape the heat. Get away from the heat before the heat gets you to but why not be stylish while you are at it! When planning your hill getaway, there are things that are worth remembering and they can make […]

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11 May

Beat the Heat in Style – Scarf to the Rescue!

Beat the Heat in Style Shingora Scarf to the Rescue

As the mercury shoots further up, the only thing that goes down is your will to dress up stylishly. With all that sweat and heat, it is no wonder that many of us resort to cropped tees and pyjamas. It may take a lot of will power but when you dress up, you do feel […]

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04 May

Scarfs and Shawls – Ace the Indian Wrap with a Global Makeover

Scarfs and Shawls - Ace the Indian Wrap with a Global Makeover

India has been an inspiration for artists around the world for it offers a vibrant range of experiences right form the flora, fauna, people and culture to the rich heritage, weaves, arts and literature. Kashmir has been an important hub where shawls evolved from wraps to an art form. The finesse of weave, the intricacy […]

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