Monthly Archives: February 2016

27 Feb

Shingora, Ready to Rock with Autumn/Winter Luxury 2016 collection at Amazon India Fashion Week

Shingora Invite for Amazon India Fashion Week

Shingora is ready once more to dazzle and impress with its alluring Autumn/Winter Luxury 2016 collection at the prestigious Amazon India Fashion Week. Given the footfall and the wide exposure to India’s elite, it is another opportunity for Shingora to showcase its strengths in terms of quality, designing and branding. From the most luxurious silks […]

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26 Feb

Decode Your Scarf Personality

Decode Your fashion Personality by Shingora

Your personality reflects in your choice of clothes and hence, the clothes that you wear say a lot about the kind of person you are. Scarfs have a big bearing on the ultimate look that you carry. Read on to find out what your scarfs say about you. If this is the personality you are […]

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17 Feb

Ladies, Get Your Proposal Ready… It’s a Leap Year

Ladies, Get Your Proposal

Love is in the air, and this February, it knows no bars as it is a leap year. According to legend, women are allowed to propose to the men they love on 29 February. Although in today’s that could just as well be any other day; then again, the fun of celebrating love is special […]

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09 Feb

The Magic of Layering – Shingora shows you how to work this look


Have you ever reached a venue and instantly regretted the heavy pullover that you are wearing as it is ready to suffocate you in the centrally heated place even as the outside temperature hovers near zero? If you have admired someone’s style where they do not weigh themselves in a single heavy garment but have […]

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04 Feb

How to Rock Neutrals Together in 5 Simple Ways

5 Simple Ways to rock neutrals together by shingora

Colors are a big consideration when it comes to buying and coordinating everything from garments to accessories. Wearing varied tones and hues comes to us with practice and experience. But one palette that confounds most of us is an all neutral colour scheme. While we ably pair neutrals with bright tones and even with neons, […]

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