Monthly Archives: November 2015

27 Nov

Shingora Brand Magazine Coverage 2015

Shingora magazine coverage 2015

As Shingora makes its presence felt to a wider audience, the accolades are pouring in from all quarters. ‘Shoes and Accessories’ magazine featured the brand in all its glory in their November 2015 issue. In an in-depth interview with Mr. Amit Jain, President & Director Development, Shingora was the star of the feature. From information […]

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23 Nov

Black and Brilliant – Ways to Rock Scarfs with Black Basics

Rock Shingora Scarfs with Black Basics

Black is a versatile colour that lends itself to plenty of looks; from making for a sexy look to being very demure, it lets you interpret it in a variety of ways. The right accessories can make it work just the way you want it to. Here are a few ways to style a look […]

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17 Nov

Prepping for Winters – 5 Scarfs for the Winter Season

shingora winter Scarves

With winters approaching fast, it is time to give your winter wardrobe a thought. Tuck away your summer best and make space for a few favourites from last year and for a few fresh pieces that are in this season. As you go about shopping for new stoles and shawls for the season, it is […]

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14 Nov

Weaving Folklore with Shawls & Silk Stories from around the world

shingora winter shawls 2015

Folktales are yarns spun over the ages with new threads added every now and then. Shawls have been such a part of cultures around the world that they feature in folklore by one name or the other. They embrace silken threads of life and weave them into exquisite wraps. Here are a few tales from […]

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14 Nov

Happy Children’s Day 2015, wishes Shingora

happy childrens day from Shingora

Celebrate this Children’s day with Shingora’s kids collection. To explore the ‘Disney By Shingora’ Scarves for kids.

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05 Nov

What is Your Scarf Personality? Find Out!

scarf personality by Shingora

Every person has a different personality and it is very apparent in the way you dress up. But given that you may be working in an office that adheres by a dress code or have to dress a certain way due to a range of external factors, there is little that your clothes can reflect […]

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