Monthly Archives: April 2015

16 Apr

5 Fashion Trends You Will Love This Summer

Shingora70s head

We Love fashion and we know that you do too! So have you stocked up on the most popular trends of 2015? Simply follow the must-haves’ guide below and you are good to go. Normcore- Still going strong, this trend refuses to abate. From a small wave it is going to turn the tide this […]

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06 Apr

Wear Your Pocket Square Right


There are two kinds of men; those who wear a pocket square and those who don’t. Those who pride themselves for their appearance and take care of how they dress up for any occasion are invariably pocket square lovers. A lot of men have taken to accessorizing with a pocket square but there are certain […]

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02 Apr

How Trendy are You? 3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Shingora men scarves

A scarf is a great accessory that both men and women can carry to great effect. Men shy away from accessorising due to various reasons but a scarf is something that they can easily incorporate into their everyday and formal look alike. Be in tune with the trends and be smartly turned out with a […]

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